Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Saudi Arabia: The Jews of Tema Son of Ishmael

Edifying Others gives more historical background on Saudi Arabian ancient inhabitants and the city of today. In order to understand the Middle East better.

The video above is a compendium to the information given in the video below of Jews in Saudi Arabia.

The information in the video below concerning Jewish Saudi inhabitants begins at 31:50 time.

Monday, September 1, 2014

LABOR DAY EXPOSED!! illuminati Communist "Labor" Day Mind Control Masonic Slavery!

The whole concept of celebrating Labor day is completely unbiblical. There are many "Christians" that think labor in secular lifestyle is godliness. False Christian teachers even go as far as saying that if you don't "labor" in the world system of Mystery Babylon, then you're not a Christian. Those so called Biblical teachers are liars and false teachers only interested in peddling the sheep of God for their own gain. They prefer to remain willfully ignorant and to keep their secular sheep ignorant of who is controlling their enslavement.

Also many ungodly women masquerading as Christians do not even want to marry a godly man unless he's slave laboring in the world, ignorantly facilitating the same growth of the Satanic "world order" system. The expectation of these so called Christian women, worried about themselves, are women who are not believing women of Faith.

Since the Demonic world order being established is trying harder to enslave humanity more into it's demonic grip, because of the failure by Christians to see the true Biblical calling, it is important to address these labor enslaving doctrines.

These these false ideologies Christians have given themselves over to bring the souls of Christians into perdition, failing to obey the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ to abide with Him. This is why Edifying Others
 is Exposing the Labor Day Masonic roots of global working enslavement in the video below.