Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Robert David Steele Externalizes Rothschild Mafia 20 Billon $ Message To Donald Trump

Robert David Steele externalizes Rothschild mafia message to Donald Trump...for public consumption of course. The video below helps you read between the lines of what he's really saying.

Let Steele tell you what he means with his subtle hints at bribery and extortion for Rothschild. It's possible that Trump may have already taken the bribe and is just waiting for the false flag to pivot his agenda. As we also talked about in this video.

If Trump has already been bribed and extorted then Steels statements could be reverse psychological tactics for public consumption. To make the conspiracy "community" continue thinking that Trump is 100% legit and clean from globalist hierarchy extortion. Yet notice how Steele publicly tells Trump that he can give him Rothchild's "Noble" "Peace Prize". Admitting he's an agent of Rothschild that gives out fake "earned" peace prizes...

This guy Steele has historically pushed the Rothschild narrative directly from Lynn Rothschild and these days everyone's promoting him like he some kind of "truther". Edifying Others wanted to document this point, by creating this blog post and accompanying video.

The British youtube girl from the new "The Reality Calls Show" youtube channel is probably a Rothschild agent. Ask yourself. How does a brand new youtuber who started their channel on Jan 4, 2017. Line up "big CIA interviews" like Steele? Remember, they get their Masonic eastern star sisters to play the fool, as new youtubers and they must support their CIA-Masonic brothers like Steele. That's how they so easily connect... She would say she just called him and he accepted the interview...on a brand new youtube channel....