Sunday, February 15, 2015


Since Edifying Others is suffering from a censorship deficiency of upload internet speed in not being able to report via video. We have decided to report in our blog and give some background on the current report of ISIS killings in Egypt.

If you have followed Edifying Others reporting on the fake nature of the ISIS propaganda video, you've seen their is much reason to believe that ISIS is a western Sabbatean cult. Started by the same elements that conspired the 911 inside job. For the staged controlled war of more corporate USA war machine gain, by the fraud war on terror.

Since we know this already. Let's look at another angle and the eternal perspective of what God is interested in, beyond not being deceived into mind controlling myths by the mystery religions.

When it comes to ISIS killing Coptics. The vast majority of Coptic's in Egypt are Arian in doctrine. They deny the eternal divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ and are Gnostics.

Watch the video below from Edifying Others explaining some more interesting points and connecting the dots to what might possibly be going on.

Assuming that what Benjamin Fulford has been reporting about this character called AlexanderAntiChrist is somewhat correct. He would be infected with left over Arian philosophy that believed Jesus Christ was just man who evolved into God.

Edifying Others has said that Arianism is what most Gnostic cults believe about Jesus Christ. Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and all the Mystery Religion cults that deny the Lord Jesus Christ eternal divinity, believe He was only angelic in his pre-incarnate person. This is a large part of what the agenda of the Gnostic Mystery religions want. They want to infect Biblical Christianity with Arianism to give credence to their false doctrines that all men are angelic and hence able to be "a savior" through gnosis. Since they view the Arian heresy loss at the Council of Nicaea as a huge loss for them. They are trying to establish it more and more in these days.  

Contrary to popular modern misinformed notions that the Council of Nicaea was about Constantine making the Bible. The Council of Nicaea condemned Arius in 325. The Council of Nicaea dealt with the Arian heresy that later infected the Egyptian Coptic church to this day. 

The Egyptian Coptic church influenced by Arius never purged itself completely from this Gnostic heresy of saying Jesus Christ was a created being, and not eternal God. Though the "orthodox" Coptics do not believe in Arianism. 

The video above is from a 2009 unbiblical Gnostic apparition of Mary and is either a deception by the Gnostic Coptic church themselves in cooperation with Project Blue Beam technology via coordination with US Corporate Gnostic Cabal Technology; or a conjuring up of a fallen angel disguised as Roman Catholic Mary. Since the two Popish heretical "churches" are headed by Gnostic Masons.

The big eternal perspective picture could be that God in his sovereignty is also judging the Coptics if these killings did indeed happen, because of this long standing heresy of Arianism that facilitates demonic doctrines and lying signs and wonders apparitions.

The mass controlled Masonic media will not bring out these distinctions in it's reporting. Since they like the Arian Coptic's are Gnostics and are trying to present Gnostics as Christians. This is what you are heading in the mass controlled main stream media.

It is highly likely that these killings in Egypt by ISIS could possibly have been all of Arian Coptics.
If there was real killings in Egypt and it was not Computer Generated Graphics like was seen in before. Refer to what we said in this video below. The ISIS myth must be empowered by real killings in order for the mind control lies to continue...

The lesson we should remember if it's true that these men were really killed by CIA/Mossad trained ISIS is that we cannot escape God's judgement in this world or in the one to come. If we abide in heretical doctrines that do not glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. As clearly taught in New Testament Scripture.

Only obedience to the abiding doctrine of Christ and the wisdom it produces can possibly procure the protection of God from insane demonic enemies.

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