Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Ridiculous Apron Cult Mentality Will Betray You, Rob You, & Kill You When Their Done Using You

It is astonishing how Gnostics who claim to see can be so blind. We all know that the cult that hijacked the world only cares for itself, and those underneath the capstone pyramid who have willfully enslaved themselves in Masonry with their first degree death oath commitments, do not realize the great error of their ways.  But isn't that how the Devil works and seduces. He get's simple minded people who trust in men to blindly give themselves over to bondage; and there is no greater slavery than to the global east and west illuminati world gnostic hierarchy. 

It again only cares for it's capstone self. It does not see it's lower level pawns as a loving Shepherd would and does his own sheep to never betray them beyond what is eternally good for them.

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.  John 10:10

Many are being seduced by the externalization of this hierarchy. Since they are in desperate situations to protect themselves from ruin. Whatever they think that might be. Yet what escapes them when they stupidly enslave themselves to the hierarchy is the big picture. How Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy (depopulate earth's mind control slaves into hell). The hierarchy has no allegiance but to itself ,and those who remain in the infighting between the oligarchical families.

Those who have not enslaved themselves in a Secret Society oath, yet are facilitating the agenda of dissolution of American Constitutional rights, by which all have some protections against tyrannical leadership. In time will also be plundered. If they continue facilitating the very things their illuminait bosses are plotting against them. Namely to plunder their private property, bank accounts, retirement funds, pension retirement funds, and anything else their spying network knows they're saving. Moreover their goal of a robotic slave future without the need of most humans is another reason they will eventually betray all but the few they chose to inherit their Gnostic plans.

That's how Satan works. He get's people to invest in His game. Only to pull the rug from right under them, to rob them of their inheritance; and to prevent them from ever becoming free from the bondage of sinful ignorance of his tactics. It's a cycle that far to many have willfully given themselves over to for a paycheck. To have what they've earned robbed and plundered by global illuminati.

Still there are those in the global illuminati network, be it east or west that will lie to the world with empty promises of freedom and a global utopia with secure rights for all. Many will be seduced by this evil generation of Gnostic promises. That is why it is better to stay and remain with Americans Constitutions with all its faults. Since giving gnostic men of this generation, with their proud heady high mindedness authoritarianism tendencies, ruling authority. To establish new protections for all, is a risk to great to attempt at changing the nature of this wicked generation. With it's stupidity to great for it's own good.


Jerry Brown the New Republicratic Anit-Gun Hero Proving His Criminal Worth for the Illuminati Against “We The People”

We know in these days that there is no difference between a Republican and a Democrat. Today's Washington Post article linked on the Drudge Report quotes former Democrat Gary Hart of Colorado as saying “Don’t rule out my law school classmate,” Referring to Jerry Browns of Yale University education. Both New World Order political parties that are collapsing America into one socialism party would love to see a Jerry Brown type in the White House coercing their anti constitutional prejudices.

Recently Jerry Brown proved his Anti Constitutional worth by signing two anti gun bill in preparation for a third.  AB 1964, just passed by Brown is to "eliminate even more firearms in common use for lawful purposes from the non-peace officer (i.e., 'regular person') marketplace." The next one he signed into law California bill AB 1591, requires courts to report to the state Justice Department within one business day when a person becomes barred from having a firearm, either due to certain felony or misdemeanor convictions or for mental health reasons.  It seems the latter bill is a setup for quick implementation and facilitation of AB 1014 the Gun Violence Restraining Orders that allows a huge open door for trumped up mental charges to be used as a pretext for gun confiscation, in violation of the Second Amendment. The extreme unconstitutional Bill AB 1014 is still being considered in Sacramento, and should be opposed by every peace establishing freedom loving American.

California residents can make their voice heard for free at this link below.
Don't feel obligated to give money to Firearms Policy to have them send a letter to Sacramento.
If you cannot donate they will still send your communication.

If Jerry Brown or another Democrat or pro New World Order Republican makes it into the White House in 2016 with this same type of Congress, they certainly will incrementally chip away at the Constitution Bill of Rights.

Remember these people that are enslaved to their Gnostic superiors by Masonic death oaths, and only care about making sure the agenda of the illuminati bankers that pay them to sell their souls for Babylonian naivete, is implemented. That's how we who are loosing our rights into this tyranny must see this in order to really understand why this is happening in the first place.

Remember it was Democrat Gary Heart that encouraged the false flag fraud of 911 to be used as the catalyst for a New World Order take over of assets for the Bankers and destruction of American Constitutional Bill of Rights.

It is clear the direction these banker puppet politicians what to destroy Americans Constitutional rights into, and replace it with the UN's naivete.

The monument at the UN says it all.

We must as Christians stand against this or the comforts of what we have enjoyed will deteriorate into coercion, slavery and the only practice of a gnostic agenda against our will, will only be allowed. Before that happens we must be the salt of the earth and as the ruling authority of We The People. You have every right to use the laws God has established under your birthright to help preserve, defend and guard your peace.

Remember We The People Are the ruling authority. Not the criminal fraud Federal Reserve bankers that pay off political puppets. "for it (We The People) is a servant of God to you (ourselves) for the good. But if you (the one subject to We The People) do the bad things, (they should) be afraid; for it (the Second Amendment) does not bear the sword in vain; for it is a servant of God, an avenger for wrath to the one practicing bad things. Romans 13:4