Thursday, July 31, 2014

EXPOSED: The Masonic Hamas ISIS Al-Qaeda Sufism Synthesis Gnostic Tradition Of The illuminati Controllers And The Depopulation Link

The illuminati mind control slave "Muslim" leader of the USA said he's taking his executive action with his pen because the Republican mind control slaves of the illuminati will not just be illegally blatant to do criminal acts like him.

He tells Republicrats above to leave their control opposition position and allow him to approve his dictatorial globalist agenda of Masonic asset takeover of the world. By the "help people" "Yes We Can" mantras of helping criminal gangs and the Masonic gang terrorizing mind control domestic army slaves. Bribing, threatening, and extorting Americas into letting them take over all the assets of the world by imploding the economy. Then the illuminati Rothschild's Rockefellers and Van Duyn's buy it back by pennies on the dollar if they did not already own the asset. Then the "audacity of hope" says "stop hatin." his sociopathic criminal ways of facilitating the economic crimes.

Edifying Others said from day 1 that this illegal President is a Mason of the Mystery Religions, and now we have revealed He's a Mason Nortaino "yes we can" gang member "no border" facilitator. This plays the part of bringing in more debt creating slaves to bring America down to a third world country. For the purchase of cheap assets. Then the promise of this illuminati Sabbatean cult is to bring the total controlled world economy up again, with the world in it's slavery Gnosticism chains.  

Some still think Obama's a pure Muslim, but they don't understand how the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood started Hamas, ISIS, and rebel Al-Qaeda.  Hamas is Israeli controlled opposition.

Look at this photo of the Hamas leader Khaled Mashal giving His "sign of a fellow craft" Masonic hand sign.

Even Ron Paul said in this next video that Hamas is a creation of Israel’s Masonic Brotherhood.

Disclaimer Note: Ron Paul’s wife is an Eastern Star click this link for proof.  Ron Paul has been seen doing Masonic handshakes. Remember the NWO works on making lifelong mind control slaves. So it is not far fetched that Ron and Rand Paul are controlled opposition. Nevertheless they have to give you a change be telling you some truth, that’s what’s below.

All this explains why in the video below Rothschild Masonic money controls Hamas. See the report below were Masonic Hamas is brutally beating it's own civilians of Gaza. Does this make sense? Only if you understand the long history of the British empire controlling the Turkish Ottoman empire where Sabbatean Jews hiding as Muslims facilitated much of their "redemption through sin" doctrine. Palestinians are even prevented from doing Islamic prayers by Masonic Hamas, and this history explains using them as human shields. For Rosicrucian depopulation plan outlined in the Georgia Guide Stones.
"RC" Rosicrucian  Order of the Rosy Cross

Listen to this time stamped section of David Livingston's historic explanation of how the Muslim Masonic Brotherhood's history founded in 1928 is traceable all the way back through the Jewish Sabbetian gnostic sect. Right back to the Rosicrucian's asiatic brethren of the dark ages. Which is the hermetic Gnosticism coming out of demonic Egypt. Livingston's explanation ties everything together.We post the link above to David Livingston interview not as endorsement of his theology or doctrine, but to make others aware of the issue discussed in the interview.

The history David Livingston gives would track why Obama's proclaimed leader in the illuminati William Van Duyn's degree is from Hermetic Philosophy from Amsterdam University. 
The connection described in Livingston’s interview explains Van Duyn’s declared education. The remnant philosophical Hermeticism dark ages ideology can still be see in the image below. Although as of late, the education description of Van Duyn has been removed from his Facebook.

In 1614, Isaac Casaubon, a Swiss philologist, analyzed the Greek Hermetic texts for linguistic style. He concluded that the writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus were not the work of an ancient Egyptian priest but in fact dated to the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D.[24][25]

This would make the current illuminati leadership ideology and doctrine a gnostic sect out of Alexandria Egypt. This is why the Lord Jesus Christ communicated to the founders of Edifying Others back in 2008 to begin refuting Gnosticism.