Saturday, June 14, 2014


The current gang influx of illegal child trafficking on the southern boarder of America is to infiltrate on all fronts (especially the remnant church); with willing mind control slaves for the Masonic hierarchical enslaved government. The fraud government knows that most Protestant's never willingly will give themselves over to enslavement if they know what it will cost them. Since many have awakened to this, the fraud masonic government does not have many recruits, and needs to bring in Catholic hierarchical slaves who because of their mind control hierarchical unquestioning Catholic upbringing, willingly sell their souls over for a morsel of fiat currency to the criminal gang fraud government.

Our latest edification explains how the New Testament warns us on this infiltration.

In this report it was documented how gang hierarchical Cartel Spy houses are used to monitor and facilitate the influx of new hierarchical gang member children, that are enslaved to their gang family fronts, used by our criminal government to "grow" the Masonic controlled infiltrated front in American Society. 

See this BIN article by Edifying Others on how we saw this coming and the teachings necessary for these events. The child trafficking by the Obama fraud president is a illegal crime against humanity; and is proof that he and his hierarchical leaders in the illuminati, are behind the agenda we have explained in the article below of May 23, 2014.

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