Thursday, August 21, 2014

Edifying Others Analyzes 2 Possible Scenarios In The Second St. Louis Shooting Death Incident at Ferguson

Edifying Others will explain two possible scenarios in this event.
First, since there have been documentations that false flag actors have been at the Ferguson riots. We must be open to the fact that there are some small problems with this video.

In this case it was clear that this mind controlled gang slave said the following. Indicating that he was possibly triggered by something the intelligence groups use with their crisis actors.
“You know who I am,”
” I’m on Instagram, I’m on Facebook,”
” I’m tired of this s*@t.”

Since Powell confessed that someone should have known him from his Insagram, and Facebook posts. He might have been referring to those in the MK Ultra type government mind control agencies that were activating his false flag event. 

The reason why this must be considered is that there is no blood on the floor when this gang member dies, and he doesn't seem to know intimately any other gang members in the video.

We are not ballistics experts but maybe others could check the sound of the policemen's gun fire, because they sound like "blanks" to Edifying Others. We can see the possibility of this event as staged since the small discrepancy of no blood pouring out of Powell is noticeable. Even when he is moved by the police in the video and there still is no blood coming out of him. With plainly evident multiple gun shot wounds.

You notice that when Powell initially tells the police to "shoot me", he quickly turns around to look back, as if to notice who's watching his performance.

The police move in quickly to move everyone away from videoing up close were fail safe proof of the event could be thoroughly documented and blood could be seen. One of the rationals for this false flag event would be to get more blacks provoked into felony's that would prevent them from owning a gun if new gun control laws are passed. That seems to be one of the ways gun confiscation is happening under mental illness and felony convictions.

Now since Edifying Others has knowledge that criminal gangs are infiltrated with actors. The guy being shot at and ultimately killed by the police for coming up on them is no matter how you look at this a gang member. The white guy in red would also be part of the red Blood gang, that are affiliated with Nortaino multiracial gangs. We have explained to in our previous blog post the Bloods main gang in Ferguson is affiliated with the multiracial Nortaino gang. Remember Edifying Others documented Obama's "Yes We Can" mantra came from these allied gangs.

Then see this.

These gangs as we noted are primarily made up of Whites, Blacks and Hispanics. There have been many whites at Ferguson dressed in red like the white guy in this video.

These real gang members could be classified as mentally ill because they initiated themselves in criminal gang death oaths to die in criminal activity for the gang hierarchy. If this event is real. The police know all about who's who in the hood, and who are the ones acting unreasonable as this lost man was when they told him to get down on the floor and he kept strutting his way to attack the police.

Whatever the story is about the knife, still the gang member did not obey the police's orders to get on the floor and take his hand out of his pocket. Hostorically cops shoot these gang members that don't listen to their orders because the risk of them not obeying their orders with them knowing that they are gang members comes with the very high risk that they are armed with a weapon of some sort. Gang member + weapon = someone will die. This could also be an initiation into the gang that the gang member played his risk cards wrong. That happens all the time from the history of these gangs starting in LA in the 70's 80's 90's+ till today. And still these gang cultures don't get it.

Stealing for gangs is just part and parcel to the larger drug trafficking and murder the gang do for intimidation and control of their territories. In the case of the Nortainos they will even use little children to run their drug deals. It's horrific, and unless you've lived in these areas with these gangs and have seen the misery these mind controlled Satanic slaves that make the poor neighborhoods worse. You cannot really understand all the dynamics to gang criminal hood life from a normal nice neighborhood or separated from everything farm life perspective.

As we noted already. If you examine the audio in this video, it can be heard the the black man is premeditating his attack. The officer tells him to take his hand out of his pocket. Hand in pocket is a BIG NO NO with charging the police. Since he failed to obey the officers orders, he was shot as a high risk gang member that was on the attack.

Now think how the feds have been sending these kinds of gang members to all parts of America to terrorize neighborhoods. This is why God is using Edifying Others to warn American Christians and others to be aware of these kinds of threats. As we said before, with Obama's affiliation with these "Yes We Can" gangs you can only expect more programmed mind controlled slaves to be activated.

For the mind of the (gang) flesh is death, but the mind of the Spirit is life and peace.
Romans 8:6