Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Helping Mind Control Psychological Operations Upon PTSD War On Terror Fraud Victims

One of the greatest problems with the war on terror fraud is the stress that truama based mind control can have upon returning veterans, the public, and Christians.
We see this happening with the latest video by Infowars. "In the Trenches with SSG Joe Biggs". It looks like a new series of videos that will be started at Infowars to now justify the war on terror. If this is the new trend at Infowars, they must first know that discerning our true enemy can be difficult if not impossible without the revelation of Christ council.  That is why Edifying Others sees the war on terror as a complete fraud by prophetic inspiration. Much could be said about this, but our reply in the comments section of the video we post below for others to read is the data that must be understood before any judgments can be accurately made about the War on Terror.

Edifying Others

3 minutes ago

First the Taliban are Jews.

People go back and read the history of the Jewish people in the book of Esther. The Jews been in Afghanistan and Pakistan for millennia's.
These Taliban only "converted" to Islam for self preservation. That's why the Torah scrolls were found "hidden".

The Sabbatean cult running the Israeli government, headed by it's founder Sabbatai Zevi also "converted" to Islam to preserve the Gnostic Kabbalah doctrine of "redemption through sin". Sabbatai Zevi later disciple was Jacob Frank who made a pact with Adam Weishaupt...
Read this.

How else would these Jewish Taliban connect with, and know the names of who's who in Jewish controlled New York... and more than that, even have New York telephone books in the first place. Sargent Biggs, we all appreciate your service to your country, but the Jewish bankers crushing everyone on a daily basis with their economic collapse, is not a reason for a "legitimate" mind control "war on terror..."


Another thing to remember is that SSG Joe Biggs confesses that they were given intel about the IED making at the compound, yet who in the fraud false flag government was it that was facilitating this "intel". The planned outcome now has been a pretext to justify the endless war on terror by former military that have undergone truma based mind control. So it's clear the same people who started the fraud war on terror are the same ones now being justified in them doing so.   

More information on the Sabbatean cult running the Israeli government can be found at this blog post.

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