Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CFR Member Rick Warren seducing others into Catholic masonic pope Francis through the Son of God movie

Per a request by another YouTube user, we commented on the Son of God movie through a friend that viewed the movie and helped reveal some problems with it. If you will not watch the movie, our hope is that other Christians that will watch it, might not be seduced by the Catholic leaven and the subtle Gnosticism in the movie.

As with most Christian movies some good elements can be seen in this movie. Yet it's always the subtle leaven that makes movies like Son of God unsupportable. We recommend only seeing this movie if you are going to expose it, by sharing it's errors with others. Especially since the Gnostic Catholic News Agency is heavily promoting it for the Masons in the Vatican.

This video more importantly for Protestant's also realizes CFR member Rick Warren endorsing the movie, makes us aware of the bigger agenda being pushed. Warren is trying to make "change agents" that evangelize the process of the Hegelian Dialectic. Not the Gospel once for all delivers to the Saints. The process is also called the Diaprax, and this movie will be used by the globalist for the purpose of creating transformational thinkers to shift them into global control. This is what Rick Warren's study guide will facilitate in the small group 6 week course. To understand more how his methodology deceives, s
ee the video in the description for more information on His process to shift everyone into the gates of hell.

It's our hope that by hearing this commentary, if you choose to see this movie, you might be aware of these things.