Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Arminian False Polluted Gospel Of Their Own Way

Concert goers raising their Arminian Hands

They raised their Arminian hand this Sunday morning and accepted the platitudes of the fraud Arminian Gospel that was asserted and professed as truth by the droves this Sunday. The polluted false Gospel corporate mind controlling Arminian churches love the lying false Gospel so much they willingly defend their flesh decisions. They are now not believing the true Gospel since their carnal hands came down by the same carnal will power that made their empty dead worthless profession a denial of sovereign grace that comes by God's gift of repentance.

John 6:64
But there are some of you who are not believing (aka Arminian's who are told to present their one time sealed polluted with "my own way" decision by raising your carnal hand up for salvation). For Jesus knew from the beginning who they are, the ones not believing (because they trust in "raising" themselves up by raising their carnal hands up), and who is the one giving Him over (with their false Arminian Gospel that does not save).