Sunday, June 29, 2014

Global Masonry's Islamic ISIS Terrorist Front Answering the "How is that" question.

First, we need to understand that Islam is Gnosticism in order to see how they (ISIS and other gnostic "terrorist") willfully give themselves over to become undetectable mind control slaves for the illuminati.

Below Aaron Klein of WND reveals Mason King Abdullah of Jordan is the illuminati proxy for corporate US ISIS military industrial complex agenda.

The referencing of this video is not an endorsement of InfoWars.

This famous photo of Mason Putin with illuminati ISIS facilitator Mason Abdullah, now reveals Mason Putin sending warplanes (See video below), to start more wars for the illuminati, with their "new" mind control terrorist slaves called ISIS (formally know as 911 Al-qaeda terrorists). Remember killing is a doctrinal necessity in Gnosticism. That's the reason why Gnostic global illuminati can never build any form of a utopia, although they promise they are doing so.

We quote the article linked below.
 "Is Putin false opposition?" "Yes. But, at the same time, the differences between East and West seem real. They represent two Masonic mafias, one pretending to be nationalist and religious, the other proudly satanic."

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