Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why the Catholic Invasion? Bringing the Enslavement to the Gnostic Hierarchy Superior to your Neighborhood.

UPDATED! Obama and His New World Order CIA Gang Controlling Catholic Drug Cartel's Threaten American's By invading their mind controlled Roman Catholic agents.

The Masonic Presidential "Administration" wants more Roman Catholics that they know willingly enslave themselves to hierarchical Gnostic enslavement as slaves of global masonry tools.  

The image below is taken from the "WORD-OF-MOUTH EXODUS TO USA..." headline on the drudge report. 
Scroll through to image #10 on center article photo gallery. 

Included within the immigrants are the worst part of Gnostic Catholicism. Drug trafficking gang hierarchies that pay "normal" immigrants to become their spy's and snitch on those who are against "the externalization of the Hierarchy's" drug trafficking criminal activities that fund their global NWO agenda. That is the purpose of Mason Obama and His hierarchical handlers. See the video below for details.

Catholic Masonic Charities used as fronts for the illegal destruction by forced Hegelian dialectic synthesizing, of the remnant Protestant America church and the institutionalized acceptance of Socialistic Gnostic Hierarchical enslavement, to the Gnostic Hierarchy of the Illuminati.

A super majority of gnostic hierarchical gang immigrants and their leaders are Roman Catholic. That is the Masonic deceptive purpose of the invasion.

The Masonic Presidential government administration funding
 of criminals is documented below.

Video report on KRGV webpage. No embedding allowed, Please click on link to see video.

DHS to Pay For Illegal Immigrants to be Escorted Into U.S.

Listen to a former government official explain what they are doing with these illegals.

Remember, the Luciferian gnostic government in control wants to corrupt the whole American nation and the world itself into gang hierarchical Gnosticism. One of the ways they are attempting to do this is by intimidation tactics, with drug Catholic cartel groups that have and are making agreements with the oligarchical Banking cartel Masonic Globalist American Government.

Previously, we documented how both political parties in the United States are responsible for the flood of in coming gangs the New world Order will attempt to use, not only to cause more chaos, but to use as pawns for their hierarchical gang controlling Hegelian dialectic use against law abiding citizens.

As we noted previously There has been a long standing illegal practice of making agreements with drug cartels by every United States President since Ronald Reagan. See the testimony of Robert Tosh Plumlee CIA Whistleblower below. Forward to time 21:30 to get to his drug running testimony...

Below Ben Swann blows Fast and Furious Sinaloa Cartel Drug running Agreement wide open

Fast and Furious and the flood of illegals entering the country etc, are being used now to try to coerce with bribes and extortion in the USA. This was warned to us by the Lord Jesus Christ to tell His people this was coming. See the report below.

Youtube video below removed from channel. See video in KHOU website above. 

In the Spirit of Prophecy Edifying Others explained in the video teaching below who's behind this movement, and how the Spirit of the Lord is warning us of this danger and what we need to do. Moreover, how the hireling 501c3 churchs will not address these issues of today. 

Gang Stalkers Under Their Own Undetectable Demonic Mind Control Slavery.

Click the annotation link in the video below to jump forward to our commentary on the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) that is an agency within Eric Holders  United States Department of Justice

NOTE AGAIN:  The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is an agency within the United States Department of Justice.

For more edification see part 2 of the Biblical teaching below the Lord Jesus Christ gave Edifying Others to give his true Church and Saints.

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