Sunday, July 27, 2014

Must Listen: William Cooper Interviews 32 Degree Mason

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Although William Cooper was a Demolay as a young man, he did not continue into Masonry as far as we know today. His Hour of the Time program revealed the secrets of the New World Order and it's pawns. This video below is of an interview with a "infiltrated citizen agent" 32 degree Mason of the Scottish Rite. He goes by the pseudonym of William Morgan. We post this video not as endorsement of William Coopers theology or doctrine he abode in, but to make others aware of the issue discussed in the interview. We believe that the information William Cooper gave during the broadcast of the Hour of the Time can be helpful in informing others on what some of the agenda of Mystery Babylon is. Again we warn others about William Coppers theology so use your guarding Ephesians 6 discernment armor when listening.   

Some important topics discussed at the beginning of in this interview:

  1. Why the Scottish Rite only exists for white males and how they view everyone else.
  2. The racist attitude of Masons.
  3. Why other races are not welcomed in the lodge despite Masonic Prince Hall Masons for blacks.
  4. He calls Prince Hall Masonry the biggest scam, joke and insult given to any one race.
  5. Woman unable to understand what they do therefore not admitted to the male only lodge.
  6. Why whites can enter Prince Hall Lodges for Blacks but Black Masons cannot enter White lodges. (the continuation of the foundations of racism in this country…)
  7. Most all judges are masons and they only rule for the benefit of Masons. For outsiders they rule to make life miserably oppressed etc. . .
  8. Why the Hierarchy ostracize Masons who are supposedly under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. . .
  9. Why all lower Masons are deceived into thinking that they will be the "Priest" of the New World Order only later to be destroyed.
  10. much much more. . .   

The Testimony of God against Mystery Babylon.

1 And after these things, I heard a great voice of a large multitude in Heaven, saying, Alleluia! The salvation and the glory and the honor and the power of the Lord our God!
2 For true and righteous are His judgments, because He judged the great harlot who defiled the earth with her fornication. And He avenged the blood of His slaves out of her hand.

3 And secondly they said, Alleluia! Also her smoke goes up for ever and ever. 
Revelation 19:1-3