Saturday, August 16, 2014

EXPOSED Michael "Blood" Brown -A Undetectable Mind Control 'Useful Idiot' of Gnosticism's Hierarchical Gang Slaves Greater Purpose

The Ferguson Missouri incident with the death of Michael Brown a Blood gang member, is being used by Obama's illuminati handlers for the endgame of conditioning all Americans into the justification of enslavement into Gnosticism bondage. The secondary data mining by intelligence groups of this event is for that larger purpose.

Here is the connection.
First listen to Edifying Others analyze the big picture of the spiritual implications and ramifications of this Ferguson false flag controlled event. This blog post will document the connections on why the cussing irrational gang members can never "change" . . .

Exposed! The Devil's Illuminati Mind Control Psyop In Ferguson Missouri.

As Edifying Others documented the Norteño Obama illuminati mind control of American gangs Obama is facilitating. This incident is no different. Michael Brown was Blood "Universal" mind controlled slave allied with the Norteño gang culture. See the image below from the Norteño wiki that documents all the Norteño "Yes We Can" gang affiliated "Allies."

Michael Brown an programmed gnostic illuminati undetectable mind control slave.
The Bloods gang colors are the same as Obama's red Norteño "Yes We Can" gnostic gang cult. Michael Brown seen above, along with many on media reported videos of the Ferguson false flag murder riot event, wore the red gang colors. As Edifying Others reported that Norteño's accept multiculturalism into their ranks. That is how these Bloods became part of the greater criminal gang networks being controlled by CIA and other intelligence groups. Trafficking many years for illegal drug revenue streams of illegal covert wars for global Masonic control and manipulation of Nation states.  

Jakari Jackson of Infowars has literally mingled with and interviewed these violent criminal Blood gang members disguised as 'not guilty of anything' wicked prideful innocent victims. These gang members are of necessity good Gnostic actors when it comes to their own survival and enslavement to their gnostic leaders as they show in many video interviews. Their own gang leaders will kill them for betrayal if they don't act for the gang hierarchy they've been initiated into. Again this is why Edifying Others warned back on May 8th 2014 about these dangers of enslaving oneself to a Gnostic hierarchy gang, and how these gangs will be used by this lawless cabal against law abiding citizens. 

Infowars reporting has been on a steady downward spiral into illuminati mind control. They have been sucked into the very thing the illuminati is using to control them and their former stance against NWO controlled media puppets. Namely in this event the approval of the Hegelian Dialectic method of supporting either the Ferguson DHS police department or the illuminati street gang proxie mind controlled slaves that are both slaves of the destruction of Christian America. 

Controlled management is the name of the game the illuminati facilitate. They will NEVER get rid of this pestilence of gang culture that plagues America. Since it is their dualistic tessellate Masonic lodge floor doctrines that they are glorying in to control these smaller enslaved gang hierarchies and ultimately to get the whole world willingly enslave to Gnosticism.
Only God can give us righteous leaders that will clean house, or the Lord Jesus Christ himself will defiantly stain his garments with the blood of his enemies. As it is written.
"I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment." "For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come."

Isaiah 63:3-4

To clean house would mean quit the Hegelian Dialectic Masonic fraud problem that only breeds continual death and destruction, and to begin for the public the mass exposure of how these dualistic ideologies are responsible for the long history of wars and misery by necessitating them. Then teaching society again the righteousness of peace that deals with this necessity of evil, and truly protects innocence without a cloak of maliciousness 1 Peter 2:16. This can only begin by America realizing it's need for daily cleansing by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ into righteous living.      

Both Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson who are high level gnostic Masons showed up as controlled opposition and most likely for the continued co-opting of "sets" of the Bloods gangs that pragmatically change over time. Also for the control of the staged event for the data mining information of Fed intelligence agencies used for later control of larger false flag events.

It was inevitable that Alex Jones and the Info"wars" would get more corrupted into the facilitation of the global Gnostic agenda. Since from the inception Jones accepted the gnostic premise of Gnostic "wars" of information (Infowars), and not staying outside the paradigm of the Hegelian dialectic by exposing it. When one joins the method of gnostic fighting or dialoguing the controlled agenda, one gets inevitably co-opted into the synthesis of being under the control of the hierarchy that brings these scripted staged events to pass. That's what is being done by Infowars "questioning" the Gnostic Masons Jessie Jackson instead of exposing him as a corrupt liar not worthy of any leadership. 

Obama's "red" White House facilitates the ancient gnostic thug control of the gang assassins and is at the helm of all of this. With his Rothschild, Rockefeller and Van Duyn controllers reaping the temporal benefits off of the mind control slaves that give themselves over to their media controlled propaganda.

This article explains that a DHS informant has leaked what he thinks is some of the agenda. This could be true, but Edifying Others sees the greater picture of the agenda. Namely, controlling gang assassins for the coercion of the whole of the USA into Gnosticism's enslavement into hierarchical illuminati controlled mind control machinations.

And then many will be ensnared (enticed to sin, to caused to fall away, enticed to put a stumbling block or impediment in the way), and they will give over one another and will hate one another (in the CIA Infowar). Matthew 24:10 KJ3
For "A blind one is not able to guide a blind one. Will they not both fall into a pit?" 
Luke 6:39 KJ3
For (their) love of money is a root of all evils, by means of which some stretching toward it were led astray from the faith, and they themselves pierced through by many pains. KJV
1 Timothy 6:10

Since we posted this article some new corroborating information has emerged. 
Here is some bonus images from a video report documenting the Missouri State Troopers that are now facilitating the command center for this false flag staged event. For those who understand symbology of Mystery Babylon see these two photos of the Missouri State Troopers vehicles with the all seeing eye symbol for Masonic hierarchical mind controlled slaves. 

Above you see the Bloods flag being displayed at Ferguson with a combination Masonic type Fez hat wearing mind control slave. All the hallmarks of controlled opposition. See it in the video below at the 00:35 second video time. Note the admission by NBC controlled Federal Reserve cabal news that the police are purposely stepping down to let them "vent" - aka riot, destroy property.

Since this town of Ferguson is infested with Masonic proxies, they are probably trying to root out the last remnants of businesses and scare others not enslaved to the hierarchy of gnostic gangs out of town. To consolidate Ferguson as a mind control capitol of some sort.

All this is proof that the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Van Duyn DHS Sabbatean cult is behind the paid mind control slaves of 
Missouri State Troopers who are facilitating these controlled staged events.