Monday, July 14, 2014

FOLLOW UP: Next Day Video Proof Of Edifying Others Article From July 13, 2014

Yesterday Edifying Others posted this article and reposed it today again on BIN, This information the Lord Jesus Christ communicated to Edifying Others is now probably being witnessed today by a video report from a local person in North Carolina. See the video below.

One thing these folks in North Carolina can expect in time is once these "refugees" begin to multiply, one of the mind control illuminati criminal drug cartel tactic's is constant loud immigrant music to scare the locals into submission. This will probably be employed by these shameless mind control slaves. See 2nd video below.

We posted a comment in this video's above comment section. The comment seems to disappear then come back... We have subsequently archived our comments below. 

"Read this article It explains everything.
Unless you stop Obama's drug cartel agents, you will be extorted by them in the future. They already warned you this was coming. It's all factually documented in the article above.
See this also."

Expect Edifying Others to reveal more of Obama's game plan if things do not change, and these criminal activities are not stopped from being illegally coerced onto American society.

Note: some are saying these are "legal" "illegals". There is more to these seasonal migrant "immigrants" than most know or can even comprehend. Details to come later if as we said things do not change for the better.

For Christians wanting to know how this relates to their Christian faith, The Spirit of Prophecy is way ahead of our learning curve, that is why it is important to heed it's warning. These events will affect your Christian life. You may not see it in it's totality now, but in time you will. That is why Christ is warning His church. 

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