Monday, July 21, 2014

Edifying Others Exposes the Real GANG-Terrorist Border Crisis

Most do not know the real significance of why the boarder is open. Hundreds of thousands of mind control slaves especially Norteño gang members (aka Nuestra Familia) and Sureño mind controlled slaves are the reason. Their criminal network is being brought in throughout the US by the illuminati since they control them. It is growing fast now that the border is wide open. Both Norteño gang members (aka Nuestra Familia) and Sureño work together even though publicly they have in the past killed each other. The reason why the New World Order has chosen Norteño's as their primary domestic terrorism stalking group and front for their crime, is that Norteño's are multicultural. That for the NWO is closest to the brotherhood of man Masonic agenda. They allow the three main racial groups of the United Sates, blacks, whites and hispanics in their gang. Most street gangs allow only their own race. Now that Obama came to power both Norteño gang members (Nuestra Familia) and Sureño now work more close together for the purpose of Aztlán reconquest of their own founding races.

Here is the big picture.

As we said Obama has facilitated the Norteño gang specifically. Since they allow blacks, whites and hispanics in their criminal gang. Norteño was started by the illegal migrant farm workers in Tracy California. Do not believe what wiki says about "being a member of Nuestra Familia itself does not signify association as a Norteño." That's a huge lie. They do not want their real network of mind control illegal slaves with potential for use to be completely revealed. The intelligence groups can whip them up in a frenzy at any moment for socialistic protest or other uses. The CIA specifically targets these kind of vulnerable people, with mental problems or low intelligence and education, and coaches them with pay offs to become their home grown network of terrorist gang stalkers and criminal fronts ready to be used.

The FBI does the same with Muslims as revealed here.;_ylt=AwrBEiR2RM1TSA8AQxrQtDMD

Obama sympathizes more with Norteño since they accept blacks and for the illegal immigrant field worker they go ballistically mad when made fun of their illegal status. This is the unifying trigger point that makes Obama very mad against for example tea party people. Since he is an "illegal" himself. This explains his solidarity in the video below where he says "Si se puede" in Spanish to these same people. Remember his election motto  is "Yes We Can." and that is why the border is illegally open.

Obama is bringing in more that sympathize with his plight, and building his and the illuminati's criminal network of mind control slaves. Everyone must learn their colors to identify them in their local street level. Norteño's wear red clothing and drive red cars and Sureño blue, but to hide themselves Nuestra Familia members will even swap their car colors to blue since they are pragmatic and poor. For the most part stay a good distance away from any red car driven by hispanics.

This is an example how these illegals terrorize. Viewer discretion is advised.

Notice how the white woman with the red blouse who is also Norteño walking her bicycle at the end of the video steps up slowly to the crime scene. She shows up and begins taking mental notes. She was being watched by the red with blue stripes Norteño gang member getting the "street justice" after he's arrested to make sure she comes through as the spy witnessing the event for the gang gnostic hierarchy. They always work in packs of multiple gang members in any one event. That is what people need to know in case they are targeted by them in the future. The Nuestra Familia part of the Norteños can be any age. From young to old, black, white or hispanics. The number 4 on the back of his shirt is short for 14, and represents the letter 'N' the fourteenth letter of the alphabet. That along with the fact that he's carjacking/kidnapping a red car makes him Norteño. Most gangs implement spying for their street control network and report this data back to their leaders. This is certainly the case with the Norteño gnostic hierarchy.

Whenever you see a news video clip or as the photo show above of an illegal crossing the border illegally wearing some kind of red or blue shirt, jacket or other clothing. That’s their network of criminal agents infiltrating and being sent to all parts of America. Though their agents do not all necessarily wear red. Since they are unified ultimately through race idolatry. The Norteño Nuestra Familia gang especially uses very young children to do their criminal activity. From childhood they make them neighborhood spy's as they play, drug runners and whatever other unethical criminal activity they need to get done. It is hard to imagine that these thing happen, but the fact that many unaccompanied children have traveled dangerously long distances from Central America without their parents (as the photo above reveals), shows that these gang affiliated illegals will do the aforementioned criminal activity. The photo shows these illegal mothers dressing their babies in red as proof of their willingness to enslave their children to the gang culture. That is the proof.    

Most think that when Obama placed red lights on the white house he was telegraphing his Communist color alone. The truth is, many of the Norteño illegals are Communist/Socialists and that is specifically who he was telegraphing too. We think Obama is a Norteño himself and that is not a far fetched thought considering his "Yes We Can" mantra motto and the Gnostic ideological plank of the Norteños.

The motto "Yes We Can" Obama used to get elected ("Si se puede" in Spanish) came specifically from these Norteño illegal migrant farm workers in California. That is a fact.

Watch this video below where Obama at the beginning tells these same Norteño gang members (aka Nuestra Familia) illegals ”Si se puede.” You will see them rally for their illegal president in the following video.

See all his red coats below. This is there underground network of spies and illuminati undetectable to themselves mind controlled agent slaves waving their Norteño United Farm Workers flag.

The video below is in Spanish but all you need to know is the video says Obama supports them and their color agenda which is the Norteño useful for the illuminati slaves...

This is the reason the "illegal" president is allowing the illegals in.

Please take note: As a result of exposing this information. If Edifying Others disappears from posting blogs or videos for longer then 2 months without communicating to everyone. Then we have been kidnapped, arrested on trumped up charges or even murdered for releasing this specific information. We have been specifically targeted by Norteño mind controlled slaves and have received many threats. They have tried to extort us, harass us and we have refused time and time again. Even to the point of sharing the Gospel with them under death threats and telling them they are under mind control. Since they are initiated into the gang hierarchy, they must do what their military gang structure tells them to do. The head leader of the Norteño gang is a Gnostic cult being forcefully indoctrinated by the Mystery Religion intelligence cults. In order to become the prison head of the gang, they must fully be brainwashed in eastern religions and Greek philosophy education along with a number of other Gnostic doctrines. That is why they are targeting Edifying Others. They know we are one of the few people that refute all their gnostic connections.

You have been made aware of what is going on. This threat to our American way of life will continue throughout the United States if not dealt with. Everyone will be targeted by these groups at some time in the future, and it is most important to be aware of this information. Since they also have their network of spies and agents in most local and government agencies. From local sheriffs and police to Obama at the top.

Final thoughts. These illegals need to stay in their countries and learn the Gospel wisdom there. That’s how they will change their poor situation. Yet they refuse to heed the dangers of gang life in America. Since some have made it here already our hope is that for Gang members here they learn there is no freedom enslaved to a gang hierarchy that is only being used as pawns. In the game of chess, pawns are expendable. Nevertheless to unshackle their chains to sin they must begin believing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not for the most part their Catholic traditions.

See the video below of former Norteño and Sureño mind controlled slaves testimony.

The documentary below explains more about these violent domestic terrorists. Don't be deceived that the documentary shows police and prison officials as fighting against this criminal gang. Deals are made in the office of the head prison official to give the gang members an option to be used as a government globalist agent. To facilitate the control of the criminal gang on the street. That's how the illuminati hierarchy has come to control these gangs and now uses them as mind control slaves for their own criminal activities. At minute 24:18 you will hear the Gnostic indoctrination of the Norteño cult that is a must if any one gang member wants go to the top and run the Norteño gang from prison. This top Norteño gnostic leader of the gang is controlled by the illuminati hierarchy from prison, and this is where the orders are sent out to the street level for gang Hegelian dialectic bribing, extortion and stalking terror control of the American public. 

Through this controlled system of gangs the intelligence groups that traffic drugs (like the CIA) fund their black ops programs for the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite Masonic Luciferian lodge criminal activity.

This is the main Masonic Lodge 13 blocks from the White House in Washington DC and is what the historic big oil interests and subsequent 1913 Federal Reserve banking cabal have allied themselves secretly under. The borders are wide open and the illegal black President Obama is being used by this white Masonic cabal for the gnostic agenda of global white European Jewish Masonic control of all races. By encouraging and facilitating these mind control slaves to enter the USA. To be used for the races controlled agenda of the Masonic World Order.

If you watch the video below, viewer discretion is advised.


  1. Thank you for fully explaining this important issue. God bless.

  2. Yw. The Lord Jesus Christ grace keep you and be upon you.

  3. In Italia siamo ormai invasi dagli islamici, la politica (euro) mette a disposizione la marina per andare a prenderli a pochi metri dalle loro coste, e una volta sbarcati vengono ospitati e pagati 35eu al giorno- Mentre un Italiano non ha diritto a nulla- Stanno nascendo movimenti politici di opposizione ma non vedo la fine- Ciao e buona fortuna

  4. Thank you for the reminder, am mirrroring your video and will post on BitChute. Search: Badattitude 10 2018-03-21
    Thanks to:
    Drove to Dotties Casino for coffee and a pack of cigs about 03:15 in the rain, one guy standing behind a car at the front door, black leather coat?, another out of the rain in front on cell, one started to follow me to the atm, another younger guy blocking the front door, blew smoke in my face, then apologized and think he left. The clerk said he was going to call the police to check them out. They were on camera; am sure the facial recognition will know them.
    Here is the big picture.
    "As we said Obama has facilitated the Norteño gang specifically. Since they allow blacks, whites and hispanics in their criminal gang. Norteño was started by the illegal migrant farm workers in Tracy California. Do not believe what wiki says about "being a member of Nuestra Familia itself does not signify association as a Norteño." That's a huge lie. They do not want their real network of mind control illegal slaves with potential for use to be completely revealed. The intelligence groups can whip them up in a frenzy at any moment for socialistic protest or other uses. The CIA specifically targets these kind of vulnerable people, with mental problems or low intelligence and education, and coaches them with pay offs to become their home grown network of terrorist gang stalkers and criminal fronts ready to be used."
    Remember that I got two black widow spider bites thanks to the mexican pushing the laundry cart down the hallway at Western Village Casino Hotel, slept like a baby, no pain.
    "We are homies to the Vatican".
    More information: