Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Etymology of Mind Controlling StarWars

With the new episodes coming, we saw it fit in the Holy Spirit to speak about Star Wars. It reflects the real gnostic agenda of the Devil. Programming mind control movies that condition the masses to accept never ending wars. It's also mind control programming to leaven Christians slowly into accepting the rudimentary processes of focusing on fallen nature dualism that necessitates war. All these techniques have been revealed through various exposures like Fritz Springmeier's book The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave. Hence Star Wars enslaves others into cosmological rudimentary Gnosticism that the Elite are using to control and shift the lost masses into their undetectable bondage. Since the Devil controls the Elite who in turn control the government. Star Wars is but one of His tools to accomplish the rapid spread of Gnosticism. 

Christians who like the movie special effects of mythological tails like Star Wars, are not fully aware that this is also part of the conditioning process into Gnosticism. Our video above helps encourage others to stay away from endless gnostic cosmological warring.


  1. Thank you for solid information from a Biblical view. People need to understand that as Christians we can't enjoy what the world enjoys - its powerful and wicked. The special effects used by the powers-that-be in the movies they do and promote is mind-altering, I believe, and may get us to feel that truth and reality aren't solid God-givens, troubling our faith.
    Yes, they promote war while crying for peace.

    1. Amen, Christians that love Star Wars, is one of the ultimate hidden in plane sight deception. May the Lord grant them the revelation of abiding in the discernment of God's anointing words of Christ.