Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Jewish Sabbatian Masonic Temple

All of Judaism is infested with Satanic Sabbteanism. 

This Masonic agenda desires to build a Babylonian "Temple" on the Temple mount in Israel.

The images below represent what Masonic dogma has postulated as the Temple in Israel.

These images and drawings come from Masonic sources.
Our research lead us to investigate journalist Barry Chamish and his information that the state of Israel is essentially following a religious agenda from the time of Shabtai Tzvi. With western esoteric masonic lodges and new age mystery religion dogma. Unify this deceptive agenda and teachings within the Roman Catholic Jesuit cult.

Shabtai Tzvi was a 'apostate' Jew (according to Judaism), that inverted Judaism into "redemption through sin"; or better said, Gnostic redemption through sin. His followers that learned his doctrine to this day are called Donmeh West.

The agenda of Zionism is inextricably tied to cultic movement that involves the Masonic hierarchy, "illumanism" and apostate protestant "Christians" that have joined Scottish Rite Masonry.

The secret sabbatean gnostic sin concept is, the more sin the Jews commit, the more they would force the Messiah's coming.  Mr Chamish was well informed on the situation in Israel, and if his investigation is correct, and we have no reason to believe it isn't. (Since it is the only rational for what's happening in the middle east.) Then we can expect a power play move by the sabbatean cult ruling Israel to sacrifice any remaining orthodox Jews in Israel, for their purposes of clearing the temple mount architecture future.
Although it's safe to assume Israeli Hassidism do synthesize fully with the sabbatean cult, as their teaching on the kabbalah was the root of the sabbatean cultic trajectory.  Remembering the very similar duplicitous act of the Transfer Agreement with Hitler facilitated the death of Jews. See the video below.

Though what might be different now is that the internet information age has made the Jews "all the wiser" on how not to get slaughtered, by fully cooperating and facilitating the agenda. 
It's looking like ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) is being used as a front cover for this future temple to man atheistic worship. 

As the agenda changes by the sovereignty of God. Edifying Others thanks the Lord Jesus Christ for the wisdom given us to be able to thwart and delay this wicked agenda. After all, this was the main reason why ISIS proxy youtube shut down Edifying Others channel.

The works go on!

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