Monday, July 21, 2014

Masonic Russia Ukrainian Ties To Global Masonic Agenda

Before anyone can begin to understand what happened with Malaysia flight MH14 and the Ukrainian war. First we need to understand that Putin is part of global Masonry. This event is and was all an attempt to brainwash the public. Hoping the mind controlled television slave public, that have given themselves over to the mass programming television news Masonic history, would bite another false flag dialectical Masonic controlled war. This for global Masonry would establish the next world Masonic banking authority that will steal all assets in the chaos collapse and world war scenario.

Secondly we must realize the world is divided into two groups in order to understand how they see it. Those who are pro-homosexual and those who are anti-homosexual. 

This global Masonic homosexual perverted cult is trying to manipulate the world into it's Baphomet hermaphrodite Masonic lodge doctrine by dialoguing the trauma of the crisis. That begins by dialoguing which side is at fault, and never getting a concrete answer. That is the point of the "chaos" of the controlled fraud event. Just dialogue and mourn through the news the AIDS researchers tragic death on MH17.

The Public Political Masonic Global Fronts

The infighting between the two Hegelian dialectical sides of Masonry illuminati homosexual baphomet west vs. the controlled (Putin's a counterfeit Christian) old KGB 
Masonic east. Will only cause deceived mind control programmed slaves to go kill themselves for Global Masonry and it's perverted doctrines. The next Masonic war for global central bankers is the secondary beneficiary outcome of what they want other to go kill themselves over by this controlled event. That is why the media attempted to reel in everyone to pick a side, and those who facilitate this fraud dialectical choice, do not have the sobriety or the wisdom to advise any better. Not knowing what is good in realizing the mass death outcome of what this Masonic cult that hijacked the world does.

Realizing that Putin is controlled opposition from the ancestry of the Great Peoples of Russia Masonic Lodge. The history of Masonry in Russia nevertheless goes back to the 1700's. Quoting from Wikipedia.

Freemasonry was brought to Russia by foreign officers in the Russian service. Russian Freemasonry dates its foundation to the activities of Franz LefortJacob Bruce and Patrick Gordon in the German Quarter of Moscow.[1] James Keith is recorded as being master of a lodge in Saint Petersburg in 1732-34.[2]

at St. Martin's Hall Meeting, London, 1864
In this photo Karl Marx does the "Sign of the Master
of the Second Veil" hidden Masonic hand sign 
Understanding closely how how the Communist party of Russia was started by Masons in England, will help us see how Putin is again an old KGB Communist Mason disguised as a Capitalist/Socialist. Just like Obama can act the Masonic mind controlled western Commie for global Masonry. In this global false flag event Putin plays his part of pretending to be a humble Christian man and deceives many mind controlled evangelical 501c3 programmed slaves, and the rest of the world population that are deceived, into cheering for a side.

The reason the Russians have not, and will not reveal publicly their satellite imagery/video of the whole event as it happened. Having that technology is that. Global Masonry in truth is a homosexual world cult of child pedophiles and pervert doctrines. Global Masonry would never admit that secret publicly, because to do so would destroy their Hegelian Dialectic control opposition mechanism. Yet Russia has known about the Crimea Ukraine "crisis" since 2008 but Putin must play the controlled antithesis against the homosexual illuminati western cult. That's the Masonic Lodge monism doctrine, and that is the point that this is all about. The BBC's shock reported that up to 100 AIDS researchers were supposedly on that plane; (now we know that it looks like flight 370 might have been trashed with rigor mortis dead bodies, and a pile of passports ready to show everyone). If it's not the same plane as flight 370. It is the same outcome, of the lie to get programmed mind controlled slaves in America, (everyone from Christians to homosexuals and their sympathizers). W
illing to give themselves over to the next Masonic World War depopulation plan. 

You can expect more global Masonic false flags east vs west controlled events like this in the future...  But for now never forget Global Masonry wants to take you to war and manipulate you for their own selfish covetous and idolatrous gain.

That's the reason for the event and all Masonic false flag events in a nutshell.

Explaining some of the reports and putting the pieces together.

The discernible falling chaff in the video was there because Putin had intel through his global Masonic bros that the west illuminati would try to damage his public BRICS credibility etc, and Christian front by blaming him for the attack. Putin sent his air force to escort the remote controlled plane that headed off course in an attempt to block the missiles of the west with chaff. Now that he is trying to cover up for his foreknowledge by destroying two Ukrainian jet's to prevent anyone to know the truth and shift his part of the blame. This implicates him as part of the plot even more if you understand global Masonry's world leaders. Remember Putin had intel about 911 but did absolutely NOTHING to prevent it, or even warn America publicly knowing these thing were coming. Putin also knew about this event, and even with Russia Today News in America failed to SCREAM to the American public about these events.
How the MH17 came down is not the point. But who's facilitating these false flags to manipulate the world into depopulation.

For those who doubt Masonry is in Russia today. See these links below.
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